The War

I think it's time we stopped
Worrying about the future
In due time we'll all blow up
But it makes no difference to me
One day I ran into a man
Who served his time
Got purple hearts, wounded in Vietnam
He said war was made for the buck
And I believe every word he said:
"They'll offer you the country
And you're expendable what's more
That's what they call fighting
What do you think world peace is for?"
War - look around, make yourself at home
The world's in hibernation - let's have a war
War - blow up the this town, I've been waitin' for too long
The world's in hibernation - let's have a war
There's a struggle that's goin' on
And there's pressure to stay on top
When the economy starts to drop
War will bring the money in
A war is beautiful for all the money
A war is beautiful for overpopulation too
Bombs exploding, cannons loading
We'll make the world a frying pan
We'll all be playin' on the beach with
Our atomic radiation suntan

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