Plastic or Paper

I got a bunch of bananas and a bottle of bleach
Five cans of cat food, a chicken, and a peach
I had enough trouble picking out all this food
I can't stand decisions, I think it's so rude
That you ask me if I want Plastic or Paper

I don't knowjust a bag!
Oh, plastic sounds OK, just put in a bag
and let me go home
Or, well, maybe paper's betterI don't know how
to make a decision about this

Well, then the clerk, he says to me:
"Mr Consumer, please pause to reflect
The choice that you make can have a global effect
On lumberjacks and turtles, politicians and fish
Would you like a paper bag, is that your wish?
On the other hand I offer a bag that won't leak
And besides, it's got handles!"

Well, OK, give me a plastic bag,
make it a plastic one
OOOOh, no, maybe I'll haveMaybe
Maybe a Paper Bag!
Yeah, it's such a big decision, I've got a bunch of a bananas
and a bottle of bleach,
and what am I gonna put it in?

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