n the evening when the moon is shining marigold
That's when time draws a line down to your very soul
You wanted everything and for you my heart goes out
A good day for me is when the bottom don't fall out
From the cathedral there's a path down to the river
The clouds are rolling by beneath the sidewalk simmers
Pull up the anchor too fast you'll lose your grip
Fall in sink or swim to the bottom and you'll stick
Not in the sunshine or the distance between
The cigarettes we burn the books we claim to read
What did you do
Who did you fool
Just to get through yeah
Completely consumed
You're coming unglued
You're just a cartoon at that
Pull back the pages and you try to look inside it
There's just words and the sounds of muffled violence
Answering to no one no strength to get by
Only thing you want to see is to see it all behind

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