Ov Vicissitude

Newsman says we have 2 years to live
Living to die
Fractured earth can't sustain humanity
Waiting to die the god is broke and stuck on catastrophe
Waiting to die
World leaders plead, there's nothing we can do, extinction has began
People laughed, others cried, some confused
Chaos erupts, thieves control the meek
Under marshal law
In a panic surge
No where else to go
From terminal death
Disbelief breed defeat, featuring the afterlife
Living to die
From this cruel joke
Who can survive
Waiting to die
Cling to the faith lord will right it
Living to die
Living day to day
To make it go away
Minds in disarray
We came so far
And gone to fast
Much more to achieve
Ruined dreams
How could it last
We were so naïve
At life's end
In a few days, with little time to pray
Although we thought we could last forever
Repressing this planet like we owned it all
Exploring and abusing it for gain
Now there's nothing we can do to restore it
Now we'll feel natures wrath
The sun is dead
It turns black
Volcanic thrust
Buried in ash
Scorching hell
We self combust
Tsunami waves and lava streams
Watery graves
Poisoned steam
Mega quakes were our fate
It's our curse
We can't escape
Sulfuric fumes infringe our lungs
Mass calamity
Overshadowing atrocities of our past
Mistakes of a deity
We all must pay
Stratagem apocalypse
Some may survive
Those who do will mutate
Is what I surmise
Returning to our primitive ways
Aftermath of genocide
No computer industry or mercy, destiny
Zenith of society
Came to an end abruptly
Victims to our own device
Our children's future is sacrificed
The final hours are spent in Lachrymal Jubilee
Living to die
Recording discs for the future life to see
Waiting to die
The air is gone families embrace
Take our final breath
Ov Vicissium
Ov Visissium
Ov Visissium

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