Vaporized, vaporized
There's a way to free your mind
A vaporizer so divine
The best pipe you'll ever find
Grind up your weed
And load the wand
Place it on a heating element
Inhale the mist of the gods
Only the pure oils
Seep into the lungs
No carcinogens or nasty resins
It's a gift from the heavens
And way healthier
Then joints and bongs
Vaporizers are where it's at
Gets you high, that's a fact
Vaporizers free the soul
Eliminating the use for a flame
You smoke out of this you wont feel the same
Living in the Rocky Mountains
Makes me feel alive
Getting stoned with friends
The air is really thin
Our weed is the best
Put it to rest
Stoners are mellow
And just want to be
Smoke in peace
Let us be free
Vaporized I am so high
Vaporized from nugs crystallized
The scent and amazing taste
Puts a smile on my face

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