The Dark Storm Is Back

A long time ago when
My peaceful dream
Surrounded my realm
The macabre march of demons
Army's coming closer
The green mountain's tears
Wash all my fears
But something is coming


Save us, from the rage of hell
Save us, from the dark storm reign

The sky turns black
The dark storm is back
Come from hell

To destroy our land
The village's burning
My family is dying
The ashes of my
Brothers, I cry


In the illusion I live
To forget my realm
My heart and my empty soul
Are forever lost and cold

Now it's time for my revenge
I'm mighty and
I'll bring you Back to hell

Potestatem detestabilis
Mundo victa ama me fideliter
Stillantibus occelis
Mundo victa
Descendo minauratus

The red clouds in the sky
Throw a rain of fire
And left me so alone
In my broken land
Empire falls
Rivers of blood
Dark in the sun


Destiny of my land

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