By Dark Glorious Thoughts

(Lyrics by Nornagest)
By Dark Glory!
Through black arts we ride to thy kingdom,
Father of time
Will you see us tomorrow,
In the glorious night standing proud groundless
Our wings will carry your winds of hate,
Across thundering blood red clouds
Fire by fire, blessed through lightnings in times before light,
We were sets on your prophecies
Regie Sathanas!!!
Pleasure of flesh, pleasure of sins,
In these times we reveal our supremacy,
To the one who pretends to give a legacy
By my function in the great order of Agaliarepth,
I'll take these steps once again to raise the temple of mockeries
An edifice to the nocturnal glory has taken place
in the tormented mind that I possess
No Shame passes through my hatred spirit,
which relish this obscure rape of morality
(Lead BOTH)
Within the halls of thy self-minded church,
The daughter of innocent lays naked,
Surrounded by the scorching black unholy wax
Running along the virgin womb,
the candles' blood makes her burning desires,
the most perverted ones!
My hunger of opposition appeased,
The lord takes me over and over again
Fifty infernal breeds, I had to ride the third strike
So much pain will be given so much so muuuuuchh!!!
By my dark glorious soul,
By dark glorious thoughts,
my soul will be fulfiled of strength again
By dark glorious thoughts!!!

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