Impaled Existence

Passing of black, looms over the entity,
Ill omen surrounding all positive thought
The words of pain trickling off his tongue,
To hear him say this world is done

Condemnation for the doomsayer,
The raking of hell's garden cultivates no prayer
He laughs at the unholy blessing of terror,
Fermented in your mind

Craving an end to existence,
Fleeing life's pleas of surviving,
The winds taste of death,
Set souls free

Clouds impregnated, with the lust of despair
Demons congregate, on the eve of strike
Heaven is dormant, deaf to all cries
Desperate fools will never find Christ

Hateful spite lunges from the throat
Spat upon helpless beings of peace
Looming in the corridors that lie between time
This world's broken neck grasped in his hands

Dark secrets unlocked by a verbal key
Promises once mocked are fulfilled fatalities precede

Screams distorted with blood
Reverberate through vacated lives
Punished for ignorance
Extinction is your sentence

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