Testo canzone di The Broadways: Fuck You Larry Koesche,I Hope You Starve And Die Someday

Fuck You Larry Koesche,I Hope You Starve And Die Someday

problem solved yelled the police
we wiped the shit right off the street
human beings sentenced to death by means of winter and concrete
i saw it on my tv i can be anything i want to be
unless my family's got no money
then i'll just settle for some sleep
everything is hunky dory in candlyland
we hide our problems well but it's ten below tonight
and i don't know why i was put inside this hell
i need to be treated likea person
5 o'clock soup kitchen before you eat you've got to pray
well jesus hasn't saved us yet
what makes you think he will today?
so hang up a red kettle ring your goddamned bell for everyone to hear
hey fuck it's christmas here's your paycheck for the year
there's charities outside your malls that treat human beings like animals
we persecute those without homes, is it a fucking crime?
no i really don't think so!
today i daydreamed that i could leave here tomorrow
because i've had too many days like yesterday
hey man you look really busy but i really need a friend
can someone spare a smile?