Bone on bone flesh war on flesh
Mortal brothers strive against each others hatreds mesh

Thou shall not kill
Peace frozen still
Release your hate

Life expires blood cries from the earth
Innocent and guilty eyes behold our mortal curse

Fragile man our days are numbered few
Hand of peace or fist of hate the choice is up to me and you

"A car pulled up, and he hollered, 'You know me' and he has his hand like this, so when I ducked like this here he shotHow many shots were fired? Two, he shot the guy shot, and I ran like back here He shot the guy shot? "

"Don't make me use this! One step closer I'm warning ya!"

"God has hate, now I have hate!"

"Why do you kill?"

"Now you've done it!"

"You forced me to use it!"

"You want to live in this lousy world?"

"If I had my way, here's how I'd rule the universe
I'd eliminate 'em, I mean cross 'em off!
Get rid of 'em, destroy 'em, decimate 'em!"

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