Songtekst van Jermaine Dupri: Ballin Outta Control (Feat Nate Dogg)

Ballin Outta Control (Feat Nate Dogg)

[Nate Dogg]
Don Chi Chi (That's me)
Rollin wit'cha nigga Nate D
You know these niggas straight bang,
Big game D - all tha way to 21st street
Don Chi Chi (That's me)
Still makin tight-ass beats
I'm rollin in my brome, I stay sweet
Ain't nobody ballin like me
[Jermaine Dupri]
It goes, mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the biggest baller of all
I got a 700, a Bentley, and imagine
The girls just DIE when I'm ridin past
Live life like I'm sellin pies
A-rabian, with two or three wives
Two or three houses to hide
Ten cars parked outside
And they all got bodies that's wide, follow me
As the Lear jet flies, over Crimson Tides
Four bedroom duplex in the sky
Nicknamed Lottery, cuz I don't stop spendin
When the wheels stop, the chrome keep spinnin
Like the six moon-walk,The shit- I ain't talkin
I'm straight livin it, it's a wonder I ain't shiverin
I'm so frozen and you've been chosen,
To roll with me and Nate D-O double G, sing
[Nate Dogg]
It's five o'clock in the mo'nin
I've already downed five, I've already downed five Mo's
See ya around my block on the weekend
All we do is chase bad, all we do is chase bad hoes
Ask me, what we did was crime
If not then I just say no, then I just say no
Three girls a date, that's my limit
We ballin outta control, we ballin outta control-ol
[Jermaine Dupri]
Now whether you like me or not, whenever I drop,
You know I give you number one hits platinum hot
It's so much clarity in my rocks, I'm thinkin like,
It's gotta be somebody greater, maybe it's not
Cuz I flow for those, who get tha

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