Five Perfect Exertions

feat Bahamadia, Esoteric, Virtuoso

[Ikon the Hologram]

You get split in fucking half
The Ikon the Hologram wrath
But I am the center inside the placenta of ?math?
You clash with cyanide gas and die fast
Rythmical equivalent of solids, liquids and gas
We smash your science, with the power of Lord Titus
But I am the virus inside of the iris of Cyrus
Upon papyrus
I kill snipers and body vipers
And strangle you with the organs of writers who try to fight us
Call me your highness
And sift the blood from the phoenix
Who's guilty like accusing the crucifixion of Jesus
Murder the heathens
And perishing the fatal cobras
Word is bond, my rhymes form into a swarming locust
Provoke us
And face the Zodiac killers
Five Samurai, do or die, fire spitters
Heavy hitters, from the lands of Sudan
?????? ??????? ?????? ????? Ikon the Hologram


All religions ??????
My strikes are fatal, to your style
That's infantile like prenatal
Your mic's a child
That's getting fucked by a wild pedophile
????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ????? ???? pectoral
So suck my genitals you punk bitch
I'm the general
??????? ????? ??????? ???? ???????
Leave you bloody like menstrual
Cycle, my rap rifle blasts open any beat you throw
Virtuoso flows like an ocean through an acapella dome


At a glance, yo my battle stance

Rattles camps, like an avalanche
Crabs don't have a chance
You're sick of this
Bet your cash advance
Grabbing a lance to try to joust
With the conquerer
Stompin the pawns is pottier
Onto the, crucifix
I'll chew your crews to bits, like Mueselix

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