Sweet Deals on Surgery

What good does it do to keep cutting away?
What training could teach you to appreciate,
the way that sutures turn to scars?
Incised on the line between faith and a lie.
I can't steady my hand for remembering mine,
so let's replay the worst I've seen -
the sweetest deals on surgery.
These days have got so much explaining to do,
the taste of a joke tainting everything through,
And now I know it's criminal to guarantee,
accept my cheapest sympathy.
The bargain is the brightest part,
we'll cut along the watermark,
exploratory open-hearted for a start.
And if you're feeling in the dark
there's nothing here for you to see -
keep it quiet, keep it clean.
You never did believe
procedure's all you'd see
if you cut into me.
Sweet deals on surgery

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