Let Me In


Let me in [x2]

[Verse 1:]

It's kinda funny that you listen but you never show,
The kinda opening I'm hoping intertwines our soul
It's kinda silly that you really wanna let me know
The kinda feeling that you're dealing with you're tryna cope
I'm not perfect, You're not perfect,
This aint worth it,
You gotta know by now, I have good intentions,
But I got a temper,
Baby still remember, what we're here to do

I wanna help you ‘cause, I think that we can beat whatever
I wanna prove to you,
Aint nothing gonna stop us never
I wanna innerstand,
The type a moves you're gonna choose
I wanna show you baby
This way we'll never loose

I'm in need of,
Your love darling,
If we keep on,
Starting over and,
Over baby,
Then I'll still be waiting
Let me


[Verse 2:]

Something's troubling it's worrying,
And I can see
Something different, bout the way you interact with me
Something peculiar, I'm telling ya, it shouldn't be,
Something singular, When really it's about the we
You've been thinking, I've been thinking,
But we should be talking
Our hearts apart are coming to their own assumptions
They're still in love and,
We need to know it,
There's nothing else to prove

Why you hesitate,
About debating on the real?
Why you acting like, I'm not your friend, I'm just your girl
Why you tryna keep on hiding what I know you feel
Why you trying to fight alone
You know I know the deal
You're in need of,
My love baby,
We can't keep on,
Denying fate it is,
What it is to be
You and Me
Can't you see?
Let me


You gotta let me in,
So I can understand
See I'm your lady,
And baby you're my man
You gotta let me know, I'm not letting go
I wanna see forever,
With you baby oh!
You gotta let me see,
The pain will leave
And I'm gone nurse ya, I'll make it better
You gotta let me in
You're the one I love
I miss your kiss and hugging
Don't wanna hurt for nothing


You know, I'm just trying to be there
We're on the same side baby
It's me and you
You know the coo!
I got you