More Than Man


"Why do I have this nagging sense
That this life is not enough time for me to see
All my visions and dreams through?
It can not end the way I am destined to by nature
My every instinct tells me
That this is not the way I am to end my life
I must find a new path to overcome this imaginary end of life
I will refuse death and find a way to prolong existence ad infinitum
I will not accept this limited form of reality that human societies have made into an irreversible truth!

Man yet not man, who is she?
A stranger on our mother Earth
Why is she here? What is the task?
Could she be the One?
Heaven sent her down to earth?
Is she a miracle?
More than man is what she will be
The one who is mighty, this is her dream
More than human, what is this?
This is Delacroix
She feels a stranger here, do not know why
Her visions of the future:
No one has a mind that is their own
She knows, yet does not
Can it be a perfect race?
What we all do dream?
Order or chaos, what will she bring?
This one leading many is she/this the dream?

More than man, what will she be? Answer Delacroix

"Will Delacroix find the path
That humans have searched
And longed for since the first civilisations on earth?
Will mankind be able to cope with the consequences of this;
Order or chaos? What then?"

Delacroix! She is all beauty
Let me in, to the family of light!
More than man is what she will be
The one who is more than man, holding the dream
Order or Chaos: what will it be? Decide Delacroix!