Sangtekster for Liferuiner: You Look Better When You're Drunk

You Look Better When You're Drunk

Your heart is fucking black
And everything that surrounds you dies
I hope each breath you breathe
You miss me and a piece of you dies
And for every lie I believed
I hope you choke on the regret that it brings

I am the ruin of ever single thing you've ever loved
Fu fu fuck you!

You are nothing and no one will ever care
You are nothing and you are less than air

When I'm done with you
Your face will look like modern art
And I'll feed to you, that piece of shit that you call a heart
You couldn't comprehend any damage that you caused
So get off your knees this love can't be swallowed

Your love is just a word

Fuck you fuck this fuck your motherfuckin life

I wanna choke the life out of you
And watch you slip away

I wanna breathe your death
And watch you decay

I'll ruin your hope and swallow your dreams
I am ruin, the ruin of everything