Songtext von Ancient: The Cainian Chronicle Pt 2: Liliths Embrace

The Cainian Chronicle Pt 2: Liliths Embrace

"Come to me Caine"

"Alone in the darkness I can hear
The sweetest voice
Whispering words of surcease
And I rejoiced!

Who would dare speak to one so
Condemned as I?
Do you know of my most wicked crime?"

"I'm known as Lilith, your father's first bride
Like you I'm cursed to dwell in the shadows of the night"

"How can one survive here in the dark groves forlorn?
Without a sole compainion, a friend of some form?"

"But there are many companions in my infinite kingdom
Through magick and sorcery I've found my freedom"

"I was cold and she clothed me
I starved and she fed me
I was mournful yet she loved me

I shed bloody tears and she made them dissapear
She kissed away my tears
Her powers I could see would forever set me free

I begged her to awake me
Her blood, sweet as wine, as I drank she would sigh
Then I closed my eyes

Into the dark I fell and fell
A deepest abyss
Surrounded by obscurity
A price for her gift

Out from the frigid blackness
Came a radiant glimmering light
Revealing the flaming archangel
Known as Michael"

"Cursed son of Adam
Indeed his mercy is great
Bow thy head and repent thine sins now
Before it's too late"

"Not by his grace but my own,
I choose to live with pride
Your 'merciful' God disgusts me
His kingdom infested with lies"

"You sad irrelevant fool
Have thee no shame?
You shall forever fear the light
Of the living flame"

"On the morning by silver wing

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