If you could envision
The meaning of a Tragedy ooooo
You might be surprised to hear it's you and me
When it comes down to it
You never made the most of it
Oooo so I cried, cried, cried, and now I say goodbye
And I won't be made a fool of
Don't call this love

When did you decide that I didn't have enough to buy?
Forgive and forget you a thousand times
For the fire and the sleepless nights
And I won't be made a fool of
Don't call this love

Don't call this love

Lalalalalalalala lalalala Love
Lalalala Love Lalalalalala Love

Why did you feel the need to prove that everybody else was right?
No I won't fight

Oh, you're my Tragedy Tragedy
Oh, you're my Tragedy ooohh
This is ohhh no no no

Lalalalalalalala lalalala Love
Lalalalalala Love Lalalala Love
Lalalalalalalala lalalala Love
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