Lets Go Crazy

Dearly beloved
were gothered here today2 get through this called life
electric world life
it means forever and thats a mighty long time
but im here 2 tell u
theres something else the afterworld
a world of never ending happiness
u can always see the sun
day or night
so when u call up that sbring in
beverly hills
u know the one
dr everythingll be allright
instead of asking him how much of your time is left
ask him how much of your mind
baby cry
in this life things much harder
than in the afterworld
in this life youre on your own
and if de-elevator tries 2 bring
u down
go crazy
punch a higher floor
if u dont like the world youre
living in
take a look around u
at least u got friends
u see, i called my old lady
4 u friendly ward
she just picked up the phone
dropped on the floor
sex, sex is all i heard
we gonna let de-elevator
bring us down
oh, no lets go!
lets go crazy
lets go nutz
lets look for the purple bananatill
they put us in the truck, lets go!
were all exited
but we dont know why
maybe its cry
were all gonna die
when we do
whats it all 4
u better live now
before the grim raeper came knocking
on your door
tell me were gonna let de-elevator
bring us down
oh no lets go
dr everythingll be allright make
everything go wrong
pills and trills and defodills will kill
hang though children
hes coming, hes coming, hes coming

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