Autumnblaze: Her Golden Robe In Silence Veiled Song Lyrics

Her Golden Robe In Silence Veiled

She's standind here like carved in stone
In silence veiled, her withered cheek
A childhood queen without a throne
My dreamless sleeping child
Red sorrow's grinning through my veins
My voice unheard, unseen the tears
I'm waiting where the moonsun reigns
My garden whispers tunes
Hear my voice and drink my tears
I await you with firetunes
Veiled in everlasting silence
But once your heart was full of tunes
As we danced as one with the dryads of July
Autumnal storms of endless grey
The harvester will sorrow reap
You saw the spring, the spring in May
Mein Feuerlilienstern
Hear my voice
Wenn Wesen, die die Sonne schuf
In Schlaf und Weltennacht versinken
Wenn ungehört verhallt mein Ruf
Will ich den Kelch des Todes trinken
Remember my voice and sink in your soul
I wove you a solar crown

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