Get Stupid

(Mac Dre)

When we pull up to the light the people all stare
Four Niggas in the benz with the dreadlock hair
Smoke everywhere wavin and medlin with the wood plate rattlin and license plate rattlin
Doin what we want to hangin out the sun roof
We mental we ignorant boy we go dumb dude
Gas break dip we yokin
Do a donut in yo whip we call it goshen
Get stupid that's what we do good
Ghost drive the whip while we dancin on the hood
I'm amped feelin good I'm hyphe with the fish face with the thizz face off of nikes
The women like me I'm dipped in butter
I'll rob your brother pimp the blood out yo mother
I'm mister stupid doo doo dum
Somethin terrible tell em how we come
When we go to the club we don't need id
Everywhere we go it's a party y'all
We gon't get it crakin like the mardi gras
Get stupid
Get stupid
Get stupid
Get stupid
Go stupid
Go stupid
Go stupid
Come on go stupid with me
(Mac Dre)
Hun how west side clown
I gig so hard make my pants fall down
This beat pounce hunny where'd you get it
Oh you ain't know DrDre did it
I come wit it rappin and ryhmin dancin panamimen
Actin like i'm drivin
Now switch it up dance like i'm fishin
See in the bay area we dance a little different
The bay bounce to thizzle
The west coast wizzle
Do the get stupid come f*** with drizzle
Call the hospital he havin convolsions
No he gettin stupid and it's low yolkin
Is the store still open we need hen
Got a privaleged thing
Gatta I mean
All in the do' like he
Let me tell you why we call this thang stupid
Cause when I dance the chicks say you stupid
You can do it it ain't that hard
Baby get dumb act like a retard
Shake your hair make it blow it the hair
You gotta get into it growl like a bear
Now say Raw what
No Raw do the d*** thing girl cut that s*** up
Fill yo cup don't be no punk
It don't look right if you really ain't drunk
Come on repeat after me

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