Grown Shit


Yep, Yea, Yep, Yea, Yep
Don't stop won't stop won't quit
Never could never would
Mac Dre back wit some more shit
You know (yadida mean, yadida mean)
Come on man

[Verse 1]

I'm a rap matic track addict
And I'm back at it
Play me a beat with this heat I'm a blap at it
The cat scated, when the mac spatted
You don't want to see me, punk get your hat flatted
Dope like a crack addict, or a hop head
Spit it clear so you can hear, what I said
Pot head, hot head nigga that got dreads
Got bread stop red get hit with the hot lead
My bed, you might see three things
High heels, my pills, and hoes in G strings
I see things, through my pimpin glasses
Cheesy macaroni, teaching pimpin classes
I dips and mashes, Mercedes Benzes
Might wear stunnas without the lenses
I'm off the hinges I handle business
Leave no clues, witness, or forensics
No co-defedants all by my lonesome
Wont see Solano, Quintin, or Folsom
I dose em, at the four way stop sign
Forty HK don't fuck with Glock nine
I rock rhymes, I'm a star I'm famous
Got my own language cool when I swang it
Oh, I'm all out the door
351 with the shift in the floor

[Chorus x2]

Come on you beezy lets do some grown shit
Put on a tight thong too small that don't fit
When I'm on the thizz I'm a fool I don't quit
Unborn kids, nut all on shit

[Verse 2]

Dre rock rhymes from here to New York
Only smoke rope no coke or New Ports
Hibachi Benihana pork on my fork
Rapping is a sport and this is my court
Do anything to win my referees cheat
I flagrant foul and bruise the beat
Read em and weap
I'm a royal flush
Give me some shrums
So I can get mushed
Kick dust, always in something tight
Hella loud with the whistle or the suction pipe
Fucking dice, in Vegas or Reno ask Kilo, nigga he know
I'm well connected I know big wells
Did shows in harryels been in hella jails and federals
But nigga it never fails
The shit don't stop when I drop hella sales
Hella mail, call me the postman
From Vallejo born in Oakland
Yolking, Dodge Diplomats
Fuck three strikes get the bitch to bat

[Chorus x2 to end]

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