Zombie Jamboree

spoken 2x: Back to Back, ha ha ha ha
Yes my friend Belly to Belly

I said huh!

It was a Zombie Jamboree, took place in the NY cemetary
It was a Zombie Jamboree, took place in the NY cemetary
Zombies from all parts of the island
Some of them were great calypso-nians
SInce the season was cannibal
They got together in Bacaloh (?)

And they were singing
Back to back, belly to belly
Well I donUt give a damn cause IUm stone dead already
Back to back, belly to belly, ItUs a Zombie Jamboree

One female zombie she wouldnUt behave
See how sheUs dancing out of the grave
In one hand sheUs holding a quart of rum
The other hand was knocking a conga drum

You know the lead singer starts to make his rhyme
While the other zombies rockinU in time
One bystander he had this to say
It was a trip to see the zombies break away

spoken: Back to back, everyone we sing
Back to back & belly to belly
Then back to back, a 1-2-3-4

What a Zombie Jamboree from Times Square to the statue of liberty
Uptown, downtown Zombie Jamboree, zoah woah, whoa yeah-ee-yeah

ThereUs a high wire zombie Ttween the World Trades
A King Kong zombie on the Empire State
But the biggest zombies Tokyo to Rome
The zombies who call this city home
spoken: Huh! What they do! Huh!

spoken: We do the limbo!
Hey hey hey hey

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