Here And Now (Remix)

Here and now, we will stand
With one voice, hand in hand
We will never back down,
We will never give in
Here and now, we will sing
With one voice, and we bring
Our lives as an offering,
We bring you everything

Here I am, you've made all so clear
I understand, I am just a stranger here
I will leave it all behide, so all thats left is gone
And I'll run with all my mite, striaght into your arms


Bringing all the depth of the sweetest dreams,
So much farther than I see, Oh you are eternal life
Where could I (x3) go
Well, now your in the light, gonna be by my side,
Lord, it's clearer when I needed day and night
So, I'll leave it all behide, till all thats left is gone
And I'll run with all my mite, Striaght into your arms


Lord I give my life
No matter what it takes
Cause you gave it all for me
With all of our hearts we sing
With all of our joy we bring
Everything we will bring
Our everything, everything


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