My life would make you break down
My call can set you on time
But when you ask for my help I TURN AND WALK AWAY
Don't please me, ease me, shut the fuck up!
Act like a simple disgrace
That only makes it on TV
I make the rules it's my race
Publicity shaking me, making me
I am, I never would try
To catch a warning hint
This life would make you break down
A snap can set you on time
But when you ask for my help I TURN AND WALK AWAY
I never talk the talk straight
My ego ain't got a friend
And if on time is too late I WILL NOT HESITATE

I'm filling your head up with lies
You're thanking me patting my shoulder
Fucking you up when you try
To please me, ease me, get off my back
I'm never taking the blame for none
And you're proud to tell that you know a bad-assed guy

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