The Ceremony

f/ 9th Prince

Yeeeeeeeeeah, Terrorist
Y'all niggaz ready? I'm 'bout to run all this shit
[PR Terrorist (9th Prince)]
Pat myself on the back, I deserve it
I know for certain, behind curtains lies serpents
That wanna see my pockets hurtin' and my career not workin'
That's why my choice be fein'in' to bust
They love to see my Spanish ass in cuffs
but it won't happen, I'm tryin' to own Manhattan, son
Yo, they call it Latin paradise, the latest fashion is ice
Bitches never think twice, they hop in my ride and slide
Only the strong will survive, I'm losin' my mind
Hand grippin' the nine, 'nother hand on the wheel
Makin' music that the people could feel
That's what's up, takin' 'em home like the Stanley Cup
Twenty-Twos on the truck, niggaz got stuck when I was down on my luck
Now I'm up and comin', penthouse like the Drummonds
Havin' run-ins with the law they're like my day is comin'
But it's really not, Terrorist is really hot
Terrorist is really hot when I'm blowin' the spot, yo
Yeah uh-huh, uh uh (uh uh), Tera Iz Him, check it out bitch
[9th Prince]
Aiyo, aiyo
We creepin' with thugs, holdin' snubs up in clubs
Put yo' mouth on the barrel, make you face these slugs
Flowin' with a genie givin' me head on the magic rug
Lifestyle is mug, put you in a bear hug
Slang meteorologist, can't follow this
Pack rap hollow tips, your wiz wanna swallow my kids
Street metaphors for outlaws doin' they bid
Holdin' the heat on the run while screamin' f' those pigs
Thats po-lice with the mark of the beast, leave you deceased
I had to flee rappers cop pleas stick with the heat
When I was 17, 9th Prince started whylin'
Doin' stick ups from Ohio to Gaten island
Now I'm stranded on the rock, Islord keep the heat cocked
Oh shit the god got knocked, for bell money
Shoot up spots, Madman laser guns
The team, we ain't robocops, straight off the muthafuckin' block
[Outro: PR Terrorist (9th Prince)]
(Word the fuck up) yeah (uh-huh, word up) fuckas
(Ya'll niggas better throw your guns up to this shit, right here, man)
Throw them shits up, up, up, yeah, yeah, yeah (word up man)
It's called The Ceremony, Terrorist and 9th Prince, bitch (word up man)
Ya'll niggas know what time it is (yeah) Killarmy's the best, nigga
Word (word up, man, fuck all ya'll niggas, man) word up
All ya'll niggas that been frontin', ya'll niggas better hang that shit up
(Word man) Ya'll niggas can't fuck wit, you knew who the fuck I'm talkin' too
(You ain't got no love for Killarm', we ain't got no muthafuckin' love for you) nigga
(Word up, man) ya'll know we don't play on the streets, nigga, ain't no fuckin' game
We come see ya'll niggas if you talk shit (word up) word up
(Come to hood near you) We be right there, bitch, word up
(And all ya'll bitches, man, I just want head man, strictly head, hehehe, you know)
Straight head, bitch (word up) head in the whip, head in the morn', heard in the morn'
(Swallow them all niggas) Like my nigga BIG, bitch, word up
(Killarm' niggas) uh-huh, uh-huh (yeah, it's that raw shit, the Killarm' shit)
(What?) uh-huh (Terrorist)
That day we came to fuck ya'll, bitch niggas know my status
If ya'll fuck around wit us, ya'll, gon' feel the fuckin' flames, now
Uh-huh, ya'll can't fuck wit the, Killarmy click, we too thick
Ya'll niggas fucked up now cuz, we gonna fu-, ass up, uh, yeah
Knowhatimsayin'? Word up (word up, Killarm', 2002 and 3 and 4 and 5, gettin')
All that shit, bitch nigga, Terrorist and 9th Prince, the muthafuckin' ceremony nigga
Killarmy style, peace to my nigga Seven Wounds for producin' this ill ass track
Baltimore we ya'll at? (Word up) Yeah, uh-huh (uh) bitch, check it out
(Fuck ya'll niggas)

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