Letra de canción de Junior Brown: Venom Wearin' Denim

Venom Wearin' Denim

She's just venom wearin denim
She's a viper dressed in blue
Tight fittin jeans are all she needs
To put the bite on you
She's pretty but she's poison
Like a copperheaded queen
She's just venom wearin denim
She's a nightmare not a dream


She slithers when she walks
And there's no tellin where she's been
She'll coil up beside you tryin to she'd that venom skin
Once she strikes her deadly bite there's no antidote
She's just venom wearin denim boy
She'll go right for your throat


She'll start hissin when she's kissin
Sayin your the only one
She'll tell you lies with beady eyes
And a big long forked tongue
If you give that gal a diamond ring
You'll get a diamondback
She just venom wearin denim boy
She's always makin tracks


She's just venom wearin denim
She's a nightmare not a dream

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