Paroles de chanson Phil Vassar: Thats When I Love You

Thats When I Love You

When I hear you stop and laugh out loud
When you're falling fast asleep
You're in the middle of the crowd
When you're lying close to me
When I hear you softly say my name
When you're high and when you're low
You don't need to me to explain, you already know
When you smile, that way
I know, every night and day

That's when I love you
When I need you
When I care about you
That's when I know without a doubt, that I can't live without you
Everyday I find another reason, every season we go through
Every little thing you do
That's when I love you

When you're driving in your car
When you dance and sing to the radio
When you're walking underneath the stars
Anywhere and everywhere you go
Dressed up or you're dressed down
When you're talking on the phone
A million people all around
When you're all alone
When you're near or you're far
You're in my heart, no matter where you are


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