Queen Of Hearts

My perfect angel, starring at the stars above
I put my hand to your cheek
For one last kiss goodnight, one more small goodbye
So I dont have to lose my mind

I can't put this into words through voice or hand
Your love is the best thing that I'll never have
The time and pain put in this with not be in vain
The love I have to share will always stay

I'll take the blame for this, that's why I write this song
(My Perfect Angel, My Perfect Angel)
I should have seen it coming all along
(Why would you do this to me?)

My Perfect Angel,
(We'll always be the same,)
My Perfect Angel,
(We'll never change,)
Why would you do this to me?!
(we'll never change)

My Perfect Angel, starring at my blood soaked hands
I put my hand to your cheek
For one last touch of life, one more silent prayer of mine
so that I can say goodbye

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