Testo canzone di Behind The Scenery: No Second Silence

No Second Silence

The sadistic beast man
Erases silence and awakes the sleeper
With his stainless claws he drives the nail
Deeper and deeper

We all should learn to suffer in our controlled-
Uncontrolled Chaos

Stress is razor blade
Pioneer of pain
No second regeneration
They cut again
In every sinew
In every cell
Feel the torture
Feel the pain again

The dreamer´s search
He'll never reach the shores of sleep
A nervous hostage
To insomnia

No second silence
No release from the heartbeat of technology
No second sleep
No release from the tongues of misery

Restless faces
A live against the clock
A cruel competition
That can´t be won
The fast-moving present
That moves restriction
A prelude of our self-made insanity

Haunting voices celebrate a raging requiem
A lullaby in deadly speed

Stress is razor blade
Pioneer of pain
No second regeneration
They cut again
Heartbeat of technology
Tongues of steel
A prelude of our
Self-made insanity

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