Little Girl

Time went by and it seems to me
like no one in the world could ever understand me,
where to go? I don't know
This burning flame
that burns inside of me everytime I see you,
why? I don't know
It seems to me like you're to me just a competetive girl,
why? I don't know
All that I know is that I need to show
what I want to do for you, before you go

I wanna sing, swing,
just for my little girl swing,
just for my little baby
sing, swing just for my little girl,

Sad it seems that you need to leave
it's now that I see what you mean to me
I, I love you,
build up a personality, find out the way how you want to be
but how? I don't know,
all that I know is that I need to show
what I want to do for you, before you go
I wanna swing around the world,
I wanna sing for my little girl, for you my little girl


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