Testo canzone di Harvey Danger: Happiness Writes White

Happiness Writes White

Ariella, 7:30 I don't want to get up yet
Listen to the morning music cursing the alarm you set
As you know I've never been a praying man
I don't need a God to make me feel alright
But if you wonder why I never wrote you a song
It's because happiness writes white

I tried to put it into words, but the words just sound like mistakes
I tried to find a set of chords, but you know how long that takes me
I can't trust my fingers, I can't trust my tongue
The work is too important and we're no longer young after all
When I consider what you put up with I'm amazed you still have skin
When I consider what you mean to me it's everything
It's everything

Ariella, 11:30 I don't want to go to sleep
Turn the TV off already curse the hours we have to keep
As you know I've never been a confident man
I've been in the tall grass all my life
Until you came along now there's one less thing wrong
Even though happiness writes white

I know happiness writes white
I know happiness writes white
I know happiness writes white
I know happiness writes white
I know hapinesss writes white

(are you sleeping?)

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