Testo canzone di Travis Tritt: Nothing Short Of Dying

Nothing Short Of Dying

(Travis Tritt)

I should've told her more I loved her
I should've spent more time at home
But should haves really aren't important
Since the fact is now she's gone
I wish I'd listened to my conscience
When it said 'don't let her go'
And if she's wondering how I'm doing
Well, I think she oughta know

(That/And) I find myself praying

More than I ever did before
And I find my heart is breaking
Each time her memory slams the door
And I find myself crying
And trying to hold on
'Cause there ain't nothing short of dying
That's worse than being left alone

I thought I'd be just fine without her
I'd be happy a free man
But the hurtin' side of lonesome
Is what I didn't understand
And the lessons that I'm learning
Lord, I'm learning awful well
'Cause nights I used to spend in Heaven
Have been replaced by nights of Hell

Repeat Chorus

There ain't nothing short of dying
That's worse than being left alone

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