Same Old Story

Oh, I see it
You dance so hot and it seem to be
That I'll lose control of my strenght of will
Wanna see you naked though I don't know you
An' you sure could see the way a Martini shakes my head
But the power of life's got me in its spell
I tried to wake up and get rid of this hell
Ooh, I'll get it
So I followed you after the evening's gig
T'was a hard day's night and I'd like to get a bit
But the sun was too hot and it burned us down
You lost your keys an'I got a chance to rest in peace
And the power of life's got me in it's spell
I tried to wake up and get rid of this hell
Yes it was my luck you were made of stone
It was my turn to lose and I would not be a clone

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