Stellar Transcendence

Amidst the troubled sleep of a Midwinter night,
Whilst unknown horrors plagued my dreams
Of dreary temples of old,
I beheld a distant wall strewn with arcane glyphs
That spoke of a terrible invocation

And walking up, I realised
That all factors were now in conjunction
The ever so distant time that scribe's
dreams has prophesised
Was now at hand

What an astounding revelation
I have been bestowed!

The Horned Moon is standing high above the Earth tonight
And rends alight strange silhouettes in the pitch black ground
I kneel betwixt fragrant trees and shape-shifting shadows
And my mortal senses are permeated for one last time

I recite the conjuration of the elder stars
The ancient, arcane words sear my writhing tongue
Now I feel their power surge all about and throughout me
And seep through every pore of my thirsting soul

Secrets never known to Man reveal before my eyes

I become godlike!

And now as my mortal shells is left far below
Entwined in all -destroying serpentine horror
My immortal soul ascends towards unimaginable power
Ever so nigh the brink of mind-devouring madness

I am the Pandimensional Liege-Lord

Clad in the very fabric of Space and Time
My crown is of galaxies, and galaxies of galaxies
Interdimensional existences are mine to create and destroy
At a instant's fraction whim

Mine is the Maw of Creation that holds tight in its grasp
The Tail of chaotic Destruction in a circle that forever lasts
The Multiverse is mine to rule!

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