Everything B2k

verse 1
when ever I'm on the road going from show
to show tell my homie mario how much i
missed ya so
see i don't know how much longer
it'll be
I'm missing you wanting you and i really
wanna talk to you
Oh no I left my two way at home still
sitting on the charger oh no
my badderies dead on my cellphone and I really
want call ya J boog let me use phone gotta call my
baby girl back home tell her what she really means to me
cause we got to be

See your my angle your my heart world
your my every every thing I want in a women
my every every thing I need in a women

I got you on the phone your
saying you wish I was home but then you flip the
script to put me in the wrong
you think I'm lying when I've been trying al day to talk to
juggling videos and photo shoots
baby girl don't be that way when it goes by and I don't really want
to call you don't be way screenning phones checking my
caller id trying to dodge girl Im trying to be all I can be
I'm young and in this industrie you mean the world to me you are my every thing

your my (your my) angel
your my(your my) hearts
world your my every everything I want
in a women every everything I need in a women

girl I want you to know that nothing can come
between you and me girl I want you
to know that you'll all ways be my every thing

Fizz rap
Baby girl Im missing you can't wait to
get home so I can hold you pain is love when it comes
to you faithful and true is what I'll stay to
you see your my homie when I chill with you
throw on some sweats with some nicky shoes see
its a diddy for me loui skirt with the minney tea see times ben hard
for me being on the road without my wifey
looking at my watch as time goes looking
at the sky as a daygoes by wishing
only day you can fly to the next time you'll be by
my side for you I'll ride for you I'll lie me
and you girl bonnie and clied

Chorus (repeat until fades away)

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