Never Rock a Party

[ VERSE 1 ]

Self-preservation, no warning alliance
And my rhymes are mainly based on mathematical science
I drink Mo?«t on the rocks, Harvey's with Bristol
All about money and mics made out of crystal
My name will be praised, body preserved as a relic
More girlies than Bond, chillin harder than Selleck
Wanna live in a castle, with girls for romancin
Feedin me grapes while they're fanin me dancin
Crispy and fresh, never get spoiled
I'm takin a vow to be honest and loyal
I'm happy to announce me and rap are now wedded
And breakin the vow's a ground for bein beheaded
People travel for miles to get where I'm playin
I hate to disappoint em, homes, dig what I'm sayin?
I'm a knight in shinin armor, I rhyme, not joust
And I never rock a party, when I play, I house

[ VERSE 2 ]

Some rappers are wack and takin the credit
You knew who you are just as soon as I said it
On your burial grounds I'll inscribe my initials
This is what you get for tryin to pay the officials
MC's are like cards, they want you to play em
I like dungeons & dragons cause the plot is to slay em
My name'll carry on just like a tradition
My songs will be housin when I'm retired and fishin
I love to recite, say a rhyme and then spin it
Take it as a joke, but I'm in it to win it
Highly fortified, balanced, efficient
Never said a rhyme that wasn't sufficient
Biters nowadays, watch what you tell em
They might just take your rhyme, wanna rob you and sell em
I'm a knight in shinin armor, I rhyme, not joust
And I never rock a party, when I play, I house

[ VERSE 3 ]

I settle for tops, not takin no middles
Dope lines cause my mind's just as fit as a fiddle
MC destroyer, rulin the nation
Excuse me baby, would you like to take a dication?
So let it be said, so shall it be noted
I like to thank the fans that faithfully voted
I truthfully swear I'll never be lettin
Suckers keep rockin if I don't think they be jettin
Stripped to the bone, bare to the gristle
Worse than death, serve eternal dismissal
Never incited by slander or disses
Leave a blank for my name, I send plenty of kisses
Bound to go far, travel ??????
?????, question theories of Plato
Rappin is witty, the journey is rough
And categorized as simple teenage stuff
Achievin my goal, do better than rockin
With light in my eyes I can see who be clockin
I'm a knight in shinin armor, I rhyme, not joust
And I never rock a party, when I play, I house

[ VERSE 4 ]
Live in the jungle, survivin the boonies
The number of fans is even double the movies
My rhymes is devine, pure and untampered
No longer expect to be spoiled and pampered
You be cast in a bondage, emprisoned in cages
Not to be seen or even heard of for ages
Offenders remanded on dates of arraingment
A law for the rock house and that's entertainment
Rodents and rats, reptiles and lizards
MC's who proclaim to have the knowledge of wizards
All of the lowest ?????
Like it or not, have to bow in my presence
I'll never be outwitted at the games I play
Took a break but you knew I'd be back someday
But truthfully you know it wasn't all that long
But knew my next jam had to be super strong
Dope rhymes are the reason that others hate me
That's why they make records tryin to down and degrade me
But nothin I can say, that's how it goes
They just better hope we never have no shows
I'm a knight in shinin armor, I rhyme, not joust
And I never rock a party, when I play, I house

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