Irresistable Force

Get on your feet,
nap time is over
With the quickness
can I get a witness
like Jehovah
keep it up "?til I say when now
I'm busting' out the playpen
It's the Era
of J Gueverra
sparking' revolutions like the one ton imera
The thought of getting' played from the hands of the creator
locusts devouring
all the hocus pocus
Focus on the force as the curious outlook
Contents under pressure,
about to explode like Lou Ferigno
mean and green so check my signal
Its the Skinnee individual who did you well
I kid you not
I bid you to stop if u gonna Steam
cuz my team bring the steam like a The oasis
and the race is run
now its time to take my place in the sun


Resistance is futile, we've got parental approval
It's best just not to test us cause our feuds get feudal
It's brutal,
so expect some penance
There'll be no dangling participles or suspended sentences
Your suppression of evidence will get met with belligerence
You'll give hesitant penance cause at the present you're tense, hence
Your confession is expected
If you think that we're persistent in our methods,
yes you guessed it
Blessed are we who come in the name of J
our word spreads like Parkay
Oh I declare!
It's a state of emergency
The president assents, so don't expect clemency
Depend on me,
my tendency is to judge forgivingly
You can't resist the Skinnee,
so give yourself up willingly
Still I be feeling the paw of Marshall law, you see?
Cross this posse cautiously