Soap Box Derby

I'm not angry,
I'm just amused at your quest for attention
through your self abuse
The only response that you get for your pleasis sorely
less than sympathy
What reason is there to be alive?
When the word is against you how can you survive?
All your friends are apathetic at best,
and your entire life is a total mess
Give it a fuckin' rest
You can't feel me, feel,
I'm scarred so deep
No one needs me
Could you please leave me alone?
I'm sorry to hear that your world's sinking fast
and you've lost your stable ground
and I'm sorry to add to your disappointment,
but I won't be brought down
I'm not angry,
I'm just amused at all the dramatics you love to use,
but one thing I have noticed that is strange to me is
that you're not content until you're brought down,
and you're always so alone because you can't be found
You're soul is black and you're filled with hate
How much more can you possible take?
Give me a fuckin' break