Al Shaitan Mahrid

Choirs bathed in Vengeance, dressed as Sin
Perform my Aria of Doom
Drunken with Blood
I resurrect my Cult
The Serpent strikes again
Now that the Seals are broken
All Heavens live in Mourning

"Et aperuit os suum in blasphemias ad deum
Blasphemare nomen eius et tabernaculum eius
et eos qui in caelo habitant
Et datum est illi bellum facere cum sanctis
et vincere illos"

So do fall down and worship Me!
A Feast for the Black Prophet
And a greater Feast for Death

The eldest Friend of Wisdom
The Source of wildest Pride
The great seven-headed Beast
That's three Names out of a Thousand
This World has given Me

Oh Earth - now feel the Elements
My Air - Thy Taste of a deadly Storm
My Water - The Poison of Dragons
Fire - see the Flames burn
as Symbol of the new Law

Daughter Zion I have risen
To preach Thee Thy final Day!