Dope Game 2000

f/ Godfather, Mike D

[Big Pokey]

My whole crew's just like dope, I stay with it
Let the Blaze split it, hit the block and get paid with it
We ship and distribute it, from state to state
Light Peruvian weight, compressed in the tailgate
Soon as I touch the track, the track get raped
Cause fire bitch, everybody's got the same tapes
As I escalate, to the top of the ladder
Hit the sweet it's been heat, that'll shine on your bladder
It's the dope game, verbal cocaine
Making mics rain, like a bucket of propane
Rap game John Wayne, I said it befo'
Mouth piece ice cold, bout a twenty below
For niggaz that don't know, I'm on top of my shit
Plots and road blocks, ain't stopping the pit
Dope Game two thee, got me living legit
Taking haters off of the mix, uh uh

[Hook - 4x]

Dope Game two thee


Here it go with Big Po-Yo, losing game that's a no-no
FED's got raw footage, watching us in slow-mo
Jealous be the logo, for all the streets wit promos
Posters and snippets, like bricks we flip it
Car from Yellowstone, on a cellular telephone
A politician, bout life decisions
Go hard like hammers, vision wearing baggies
Playing the game down in Texas, like the Aggies
Intent to deliver, like a snake when I slither
Put a broad taking my shit, and then give her
Shader your liver, counting bricks throw you in the river
Basement Hardest Pit, or spin a verse with Tigger
So how you figga, Chevis ain't on the rise
More got enterprise, with more than a thousand pies
Dope Game two G, we at the Source Awards
Platinum placks on the walls, making the billboard

[Hook - 4x]

[Mike D]

Watch out cause niggaz fold, when I bleed the mic
Drag your ass out your shoes, if you ain't laced your Nike's
You niggaz is boochie types, may-hap's and flip-flops
My team rock ice, and roll Bentley hard tops
Mo' cream than thirty one flavas, Calione the mayor
With Godfather and Po-Yo, original Southside playas
Respect the stamp, cause we mob like steam rollers
Laf Tex hit your cut, with henchmens and flash rollers
We beam holders, playing this 2000 dope game
Malicious and vicious, ejecting CC's to your fame
We switching lanes, with spiders on the flo'
Bitch this Mike D, signing off on you hoes

[Hook - 6x]