Get Your Roll On

Ooooohhhhh, what, what, what
Ooooohhhhh, yeah

Verse 1 (Manny Fresh)
Af-terour shows
Big dicks we slang
Freak bitch do ya thang (do yo thang)
Televisionhead rest
Twenty inchesnothin less
Every-day iced out
Nigga playlights out
Mperiod freshhammer
Yo wife is mybaby mama
Goddamn mother-fucker
She's uhgood dick sucker
Hold oneverybody (Scribbles)
Get yo' roll on


Everybody get yo roll on
Everybody get cha motherfuckin roll on

Verse 2 (Baby)
Beatricebitch please
Youknowwho Ibe
Nothin elsenone other
Thenumber onestunner
NiggaI pimp hoes
Fucktossflip hoes
Show thembitches nolove
Ridin 2g lacs ondubs
Nigga i done sold all that shit
soon asmy tour stop
Bought five Bentley Zorasprops
TV's mustbuttons must
CMBplatinum plus
What thefuckhold on
Everybody get yo' motherfuckin roll on


Verse 3 (Manny and Baby together)
Ilikeloud pipes
Bigrimsmo ice
V-twelvesor better
Noit'sstrictly leather
Don't worry about yo bitch
She comin wit' me
Leavin stickers on the Bentley
To show the price
Arm out the windows
Just to floss my ice
Freshwait hold up
Thats that bitchwe fucked
Niggawhat yo bank bout
Dog i've beenlost count
Pop that Krisspop that moe
Slam that bitchpunch that hoe
What the fuckhold on
Everybody get yo motherfuckin roll on