In The Glare Of Burning Churches

Gods! give me the power
to destroy the christian gods
give me the rule over the fire
to burn the houses of god

Give me the power over the wind
to crush the forest of crosses
give me the black sword to kill
all those who swore him the faith

I will desecrate the holy temples
destroy and burn churches and chapels
black smoke of the burning temples
will cover the sky
the fear will offend sons of only god

Archangels of Darkness, come to the earth
I will show you the way of glory
by the burning churches
you will drink the human blood
and satisfy your dark lust
it is high time to your scream
be heard among the dead

There is no the only god
there is only beast over the beasts
there is no good and Evil
there is only living and dead
and those who will die soon
so I drink the blood from the black cup
in the glare of burning churches
because ancient damned gods
will have the day of revenge
when the sky is covered in smoke
when the rivers are full of bood