Sångtext In The Woods...: Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension

Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension

Among hills I have wandered
Through forests so cold
Over mountains a raging thunder
followed the ways foretold
A request a "leave me be"
Through the shape that I longed for
Withering visions
Bleeding to search for the more

Behold the memories within,
A questful battle to win
Towards which he is carrying,
The burden named destiny
It is poundering proud on his shoulders
Creating and Dreaming,
Is it all the same?
As I touch this flame

Of mine

I await your call,
Trough body, spirit and mind,
I shine, I shine
The forces of Prima Mater
Unite us this heathen night,
Yearning your unknown mysterious beauty
(Pride and might!)

Among hills, we do wander
Through the forests so cold
Crossing mountains of raging thunder,
followed our way untold