Didn't You Know?

You have the wrong point of view
I had a picture of you but I burned it
It was a mistake but my life was at stake
There's things you don't know about me

Did you know I was gay
Did you know I get no pay
Or that I'm allergic to hay
Or didn't you know I don't love you

Oh yeah, I'm not sorry
That I rolled you over in my lorry
And you fell into the quarry 'cos of me
Well I won't give you sympathy
No not I, Hell not me

You are mixed up in the head
It's about time you were dead
I'll never be in bed with you
I can't believe what you said
Oh wait, I forget what you said
It went to the back of my head
But now I have to say
That there aint no f***ing way
That you're getting me to say I love you
There aint no way

Hell not me,hell not me,hell not me, yeah