Look Away

If you look away even for a second
It's bound to break your back and leave you with the wreckage
Just a rolling pouring poison down that throat
With no concern about reaching for any goals

Maybe if I make it home tonight
Not to get torn apart or knifed in a fistfight
At night awake alive I'm barely functioning
And there is no regard for tomorrow's sting
(I don't think I can contain myself)

Look away - the memories they stay
Look away - 'til the whole thing fades

Poking holes in whatever comes near ya
Just because you need to nobody dared you
You had it all in the back of your Ford
Went through the windshield left the pills on the floor

Look away - the memories they stay
Look away - never learn anything

If you look away even for a second
I'm bound to kick your ass and leave you with the wreckage
You got one eye open the other's always hid
Any sign of trouble well you're sure to shrink from it

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