Decadence Within

Cruor falls upon a disobedient time
Holocaust claims the weak and feeble lives
Sickness wells, bursting within
No escape from the bludgeon, except to give in

Deep depression enters your mind
Premeditated oppression conquers all thought
Striving with little reason to be
A wretched subject of this cryptocracy

The wreath which is weaving, woven full of lies
Bore out of teachery, it snuffs out your cries
Spawn on this Earth, to bring out suffering
Avaricious hunger fulfills its voracious legacy

A say we don't have, where it's written we shall
Your life stripped away, destined to fall

Wanting to die for your faith
Everything you are is laid to waste
Blood falls free from your open wounds
Sets souls free to complete doom
Dying and killing for your crimes
Forever your eyes are smitten blind

Economical structure falls from our grasp
Just the beginning to the core that's now cracked
Fractures inflict the corporate level
Wickedness infest life's everyday drivel, drivel

Cities lie fallen, broken with disgust
Citizens mangled with deceit and mistrust
Crimson tide swells, flowing through the streets
Decadence, the swift end that you will meet

Eyes blackened blind to these lustful crimes
Decency falters and is all left behind
Nothing left for your, except fear for the world
Evil abounds as the darkness unfurls
Can't see no reason for what really matters
Nothing on this planet can outlast it
Cold outstretched hands reach for the sky
Decadence surrounds all that will die

Decadence, despair falls on your faith
Why doesn't God hear your prayers?

Decadence remains the only thing for you
Self pity and denial, play you for its fool
Evil takes your life, beckon to its call
Evil claims your souls, laughing at its fall
Laughing as you fall

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