Dreaming Of Throwing Up

So I'm looking at this bottle, and this bottle, it speaks to me
It says get off the fucking train, so I jumped down
These metaphors are for assholes, and I'm not different
I'll get to what I mean, but slowly
Roses and poetry; that's all you want to be?
It's not alive, and not dead It's looking for a reason to be
Not alive, and not dead
You give me goals impossible and I get further from my own
If these were lies then I wouldn't be leaving You had to need me
I tried this once before It's just as insulting What for?
It's not alive, and not dead Looking for a reason to be?
Can we find a balance, a medium?
My anger was a heavy weight you bore
Now I'm balancing meteors I want to see you
But not alive, and not dead Show me what you used to be
I was looking at this bottle and the words made sense to me,
because it was all a fucking dream
A lie
I'm not alive, and I?­m not dead
I just see my goals are impossible and I get further from them all
These mocking words We buried both
What a world without you holds, I had to know

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