Up Against A Fault

No call this morning, no sleep at all
Not getting any answers searching through telephones
Oh absence, take form
Half cold in a king size dawn
Breaking still despite the holding on
Someone tell me, What am I doing wrong?
Clothes I can throw away, hair I can cut, strip or stain
Moods I promise to turn like corners
And get out of my own way but on what chance can this stand?
With that, half a heart in some desperate plan
I don't know who it is I'm up against
Someone tell me, What am I doing wrong?
Youre keeping me close and against and I think to a fault
I'll have to do something each blazing morning, burns a little slow
Is there something needs telling?
Some good that I'm not doing?
Provide some helpful point upon which I could fall
Or don't suggest anything
Its probably nothing,
Its nothing if no one can see that there's anything wrong

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