Songtekst van Cardinal Sin: Against The Waterfall

Against The Waterfall

When we inhale the first breaths of life
And our eyes see for the first time
Into a world of shame divided by pain
very easily defined

When you see yourself alone
And you wish you were someone else

Induced to believe our problems won't get
any worse than they already are
The truth is we stand to always fall
Hope seems so very far

When you see yourself alone
And you wish you were someone else

Why me?
Why am I dwelling here
Why me?
I'm living in a dying sphere
Why me?
Slave to cowards with power
Why me?
Very soon it will be over

Where does the answer lie
While we talk the planet dies
We want you to give a hand
That's the purpose of this band
We want to help you see
What's happening to you and me
This place is now to be
America land of the greed

Stop it no more bullshit
We speakthe truth just let us be
Tired of this bullshit
Only our music will set us free

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